Looking for a way to keep fit, stay safe, increase confidence in a friendly environment whilst having fun at the same time with the whole family - Verve Kickboxing may have the answer.

Verve Kickboxing Wales is a friendly martial arts group of clubs which forms part the Verve Martial Arts group of classes, we offer classes to suit everyone, whether you want a family training environment, you may have always wanted to try a martial art, a women's and girl's only class or if you want full-on kickboxing. Whatever your preference is you will get you fitter and stronger, learn self-defence techniques, make some new friends and potentially have the opportunity to compete in national competitions.

Our classes are run by our dedicated team of martial arts instructors who are all trained and certified with instructor insurance and certificates. Our team are listed on our instructors page. Co-owners Leigh Haslett (2nd Dan Verve Black Belt) and Lisa Knight-Davies (2nd Dan Verve Black Belt) head the team in Wales and run the classes in Abergavenny  on a Monday (6.30pm - 7.30pm), Tuesday 6.30 - 9pm and Friday (6.30pm - 9.pm) with instructors Mr Dom Evans (2nd Dan Verve Black Belt)  Miss Maddie Davies (2nd Dan Verve Black Belt) and assistands Miss Laura Ellaway (1st Dan Verve Black Belt) & Miss Alex Lewis (1st Dan Verve Black Belt). Lisa and her daughter Maddie, run the Junior Astro's Class on a Saturday (10am - 10.45am) and completing the team is our chief competition coach & 6th Dan Mr Heath Gait. Mr Gait run's the competition squad training sessions on a Wednesday (6pm - 9pm) and Saturday. The team also run classes all over South Wales 6 days a week. Please see our class times page for more information.  With our team of instructors & assistant instructors our classes provide varying training techniques, each instructor has different methods of training but our aim is to tailor our training to suit our student's needs. Our instructors have all competed in British national competitions and we house several British Champions. We are also one of the feeder clubs for I.T.S Team Wales and we have 5 of our team in the Team Wales Elite Kickboxing Squad. Our commitment to our students is our priority demonstrated in our class cancellation of zero since our sessions started in 2010.


"We offer a class to suit anyone" Leigh advises. "If you want to train alongside your son and daughter then no problem, come to our family session. That's how both myself and Lisa started and met, training with our children, back in 2007. With a busy working lifestyle, it was nice to have a few hours a week getting fitter and learning a martial art with my son and daughter. Or if you want a hard kickboxing lesson with all out techniques and fitness then we can offer that too. We offer an invite only lesson on a Wednesday evening from 6.30 pm, to be selected you have to attend the Monday or Friday sessions in the first instance and get to be put through your paces by 6th Dan Mr Heath Gait. 

Our Junior Astros class are for ages 4 through to 10 years of age. Many of the students quickly advance out of the Junior's and join the main class training. The Junior Astros have several  instructors all to themselves concentrating on learning the basic techniques in a fun environment every Saturday morning from 10am. 

At Verve we believe that confidence along with giving our students a workout that they enjoy whilst learning all aspects of martial arts in a fun and friendly environment is an excellent environment for people to grow , then and if you wish to advance into participating in competitions both at a local and national level we are able to facilitate this journey

We were one of the feeder clubs that represented Team Wales in the 2011, 2013 & 2014 I.T.S British Championships. The event was postposed in 2012 for national teams as it was a British club tournament. Verve Wales's success was amazing with the club walking away with 48 medals in total and 16 gold medal British Champions!

Our instructors and assistant instructors all lead by example. Leigh winning bronze in the tag team event, Lisa winning silver in the tag team, Leigh winning gold in the continuous event, Maddie winning two gold British Champion titles in both points stop and continuous sparring and Dom achieving Gold in the points sparring event plus Laura and Alex winning Gold.

We now also have 5 members in the Team Wales Dragons Elite Kickboxing Squad who will be doing the national and international circuits starting in Dec 2013. In their first competition, the WUMA British Championships, they walked away with 6 Gold British Champions, 2 Silver & 2 Bronze.

Telephone either Leigh - 07843 269188 or Lisa - 07739 720613 for more information on any of our classes or pop along to any of our classes for a free introductory session !